Montreal & Quebec City

A Colourguide<br>Second Edition

by Formac Publishing Company Limited

This new edition of the Montreal & Quebec City Colourguide offers updated and extended coverage of the best these cities have to offer.
Montreal and Quebec City are vibrant cultural centres, pre-eminent destinations for Canadians, Americans and Europeans alike. This new edition Colourguide offers updated coverage and new images of' museums, galleries, heritage sites, parks and gardens.
Written entirely by local residents, this book gives readers the benefit of inside knowledge on accommodations, events, places to eat, places to shop, and places to relax. The culture of Montreal and Quebec City are outlined in sections on heritage and architecture, museums, galleries, dining, festivals and events, and the distinct districts of each city are described in detail.
This edition is fully updated with a listings section that provides all available website information for travellers who like to plan their on the web. Maps and colour photographs illustrate an entertaining and informative text.

About the Author

Formac Publishing Company Limited


These are books to keep for reference or to give as presents... they're readable, informative and beautiful. I hope they eventually do one for each province and territory."
Elizabeth Cran, Guardian Patriot

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