No Name and No Family

How I Escaped the Streets of Guatemala to Find a Canadian Home

by Alexander Chisolm Guilbault

The first-person story of a orphaned street kid, in Guatemala City. Adopted as a teenager by a Canadian couple, his rediscovery of his birth family reveals a shocking picture of life for poor people in an impoverished country.

Alexander Chisholm Guilbault, a native of Guatemala who is now a Canadian living in Nova Scotia, tells the startling story of how he was sold by his uncle at the age of six to an orphanage. Alex escaped, and lived on the dangerous streets of Guatemala City for twelve years. Only when a policeman picked him up was he given a name.

Adopted as a teenager by a Nova Scotia family, Alex ultimately sought out his birth parents. This experience cast a gut-wrenching light on the life of poor families in a poor country.

About the Author

ALEXANDER CHISOLM GUILBAULT, now in his mid-20s, gives presentations on his life experiences and the diverse meaning of family. He splits his time between Bedford, Nova Scotia and Guatemala, where he contributes to humanitarian efforts.

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