Nova Scotia Colourguide

Independent Writers, Local Knowledge

by Colleen Abdullah

photographs by Keith Vaughan

edited by Colleen Abdullah

This seventh edition of this popular illustrated guide offers independent, up-to-date information on Canada's picturesque east coast province. This guide covers all the major cultural attractions in Nova Scotia, from the music scene and fine dining, to world-class crafts and award-winning museums.

This 8th edition of the Nova Scotia Colourguide is written by independent local contributors who highlight the province¿s best features and attractions. The emphasis is on culture, heritage, natural features and attractions, and outdoor adventure. This fully revised and updated edition adds chapters on public and seasonal gardens and surfing. The guide follows the province¿s established tourist routes with a colour-coded scenic trails map and information on getting around. A selection of the best accommodation is recommended, and a chapter on dining plus listings provides a reliable guide to the best restaurants and inns. Halifax is Nova Scotia¿s leading city, and contributors write about waterfront attractions and the city¿s new art and culture district. Information about shops, restaurants and cultural activities in the province include all relevant details and up-to-date information.

About the Authors

Colleen Abdullah

Keith Vaughan

KEITH VAUGHAN is an award-winning photographer who combines his passion for photography with a career as a chemistry professor at St. Mary's University, Halifax.

Colleen Abdullah

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