Off Track

by Bill Swan

Twelve-year-old Tyler is stuck in summer school and banned from watching TV and playing computer games. His only diversion is training for a triathlon race ... except when it comes to the swimming requirement.

A failing mark in English lands 12-year-old Tyler in summer school. He's not allowed to watch TV or play computer games. His separated parents are blaming each other for his poor grades. Tyler's only distraction from his troubles is training for a triathlon race, which includes swimming, biking, and running. At first, he deals with his swimming the way he deals with his schoolwork -- by avoiding it. But Tyler learns that in sports, school, and life, the way to get ahead is to tackle your weaknesses head on.

About the Author

Bill Swan

Bill Swan
BILL SWAN has worked as a journalism teacher, editor, and newspaper columnist. His first three novels, Fast Finish, Mud Run, and Off Track, are highly recommended by CM Magazine: Canadian Review of Materials. Mud Run was nominated for the Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award. He is also the author of Corner Kick. He lives in Courtice, Ontario, with his wife and daughter.


"Swan's writing is first rate ..."
Canadian Book Review Annual

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