Plan B is Total Panic

by Martyn Godfrey

Action, danger and self-discovery are all part of this new and exciting story by Alberta writer Martyn Godfrey.
The last thing Nicholas wants to do is spend time in the Alberta bush, with the bugs, the bears, the cold. But when he crosses the school bully at the Grade Seven dance, his Dene friend Elvis's invitation for a weekend away suddenly seems much more attractive.
Walking on the muskeg, Nicholas feels completely lost--the landscape is strange, and so are the language and customs of Elvis's native family. Soon, however, Nicholas sees the point of what they say and do, how it helps them adapt to the harshness of the environment. When Nicholas and Elvis's bushplane crashes, killing the pilot, they need to draw on all the skills they have--and some they didn't even suspect they had.
Set against the harsh background of the northern bush, Plan B is Total Panic is the story of how two young men of very different backgrounds are brought together by crisis.

About the Author

Martyn Godfrey

MARTYN GODFREY was one of Canada's most popular writers of fiction for young people. He wrote over forty books, including Plan B Is Total Panic and Mystery in the Frozen Lands, both published by Lorimer. He died in 2000.


"Martyn Godfrey writes as good a page turning, action-packed adventure story as any kid could want."
Globe and Mail

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