Queen of the Court

by Michele Martin Bossley

Kallana has always been more interested in fashions than in sports. When her father suddenly decides she should join the school basketball team, Kallana feels desperate.
Kallana wears the wildest clothes of anyone at her suburban Calgary junior high school. Still, it seems it's not enough to get the attention of her freelance photographer father or her non-kid-friendly mother.
When her dad signs her up for the basketball team after Kallana is sent home from school for wearing "provocative" clothes, she's mortified: she can't dribble, she can't shoot, and the uniforms are just hideous. But as things get worse at home, basketball practice comes to be a welcome relief, and the self-confidence she learns at the free-throw line helps her prepare for the difficult changes she has to face.
Queen of the Court is the touching story of a young girl whose experience of sport helps her cope with unexpected change. [Fry Reading Level - 3.3

About the Author

Michele Martin Bossley
MICHELE MARTIN BOSSLEY was born in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A., but grew up in Calgary from the time she was five. She is the author of ten other childrens books including Taking a Dive runner-up for the R. Ross Annett Award in Children's Literature and The Perfect Gymnast nominated for the 1999 Manitoba Reader's Choice Award. One of her more recent books Pool Princess has been nominated for a Golden Eagle Children's Choice Award. Michele has been involved in both synchronized swimming and competitive swimming since her teens. She has also coached young swimmers and draws on much of that experience for her books.


"An excellent choice for preteen girls. Highly recommended."
Deborah Dowson, Canadian Book Review Annual
"Not everything is upbeat in the story. Sometimes things are desperately bad. The good and the bad are well presented and I found myself pulling for this bully who repents and learns to deal with unpleasant situations... this is a girl's counterpart to Matt Christopher's books."
Jean Huff
Queen of the Court is about finding oneself and determining what is important... The main character, like many her age, is fighting to fit in... As Kallana learns the rules of the game, she also begins to discover who she is and to challenge her own capabilities.

A 'must-read.'Highly Recommended.

Christina Pike, CM: Canadian Review of Materials


Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice Selection

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