Real Justice: Sentenced to Life at Seventeen

The story of David Milgaard

by Cynthia J. Faryon-Bouthillier

The compelling story of the wrongful conviction of David Milgaard

David Milgaard was a troubled kid, and he got into lots of trouble. Unfortunately, that made it easy for the Saskatoon police to brand him as a murderer. At seventeen, David Milgaard was arrested, jailed, and convicted for the rape and murder of a young nursing assistant, Gail Miller. He was sent to adult prison for life.

Throughout his twenty-three years in prison, David maintained that he was innocent and refused to admit to the crime, even though it meant he was never granted parole. Finally, through the incredible determination of his mother and new lawyers who believed in him, David was released and proven not guilty. Astonishingly, in hindsight the real murderer was obvious from the start.

This is the true story of how bad decisions, tunnel vision, poor representation, and outright lying and coercion by those within the justice system caused a tragic miscarriage of justice. It also shows that wrongs can be righted and amends made.

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About the Author

CYNTHIA J. FARYON has worked as a legal assistant and teen counsellor. She began her writing career in 1999 and is now the author of eleven books, including Real Justice: Guilty of Being Weird - The story of Guy Paul Morin. She lives in Richer, Manitoba.


"Faryon draws readers into the book with her crisp and engaging dramatization of the crime... additional features in the book enhance its value as a teaching and learning tool by extending readers understanding of the Milgaard case beyond the book and encouraging them to explore other issues further." Recommended.
Huai-Lang Yim, CM: Canadian Review of Materials
"a critique of the Canadian justice system... [Faryon should spark a reader's interest in the case." Rated G - good, even great at times, generally useful!
Zachary G. Chauvin, Resource Links
"Sentenced to Life at Seventeen should be recommended for the fascinating story it tells alone.


Golden Oak Award
Red Maple Non-Fiction Award
VOYA Nonfiction Honor List

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