by Adrienne Mercer

A diagnosis of childhood arthritis threatens C.J's dream of one day playing on the national basketball team.
All C.J. has ever wanted is to play basketball--one day pro basketball. Already in grade nine she's the captain of her high school team in Naskup, British Columbia.
But her success comes at a price: her teammate Debi can't accept someone so young as captain, and is making C.J.'s life as difficult as possible. To make matters much worse, one morning she wakes up and is barely able to get out of bed. When her doctor tells her she has arthritis, she worries whether she deserves to be captain. Recognizing her new limitations, however, she comes to truly understand teamwork, and becomes the leader her coaches knew she could be.
Rebound is the story of how one young athlete overcomes adversity to become a better player, and a better person. [Fry Reading Level - 4.1

About the Author

Adrienne Mercer

Adrienne Mercer
ADRIENNE MERCER lives in Nanaimo, BC, where she works in communications. In addition to writing sports novels for Lorimer, Adrienne also writes for magazines and has contributed short stories to several anthologies. Rebound is a Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Books for Kids & Teens selection.


"The British Columbia setting, sympathetic adults, and a gutsy protagonist are all assets in this fine addition to any juvenile collection. The hardcover edition would be worth the extra cost."
Highlands Regional Library Cooperative Book Evaluation Program
Nanaimo writer Adrienne Mercer scored a three-pointer with her first young adult novel.
Chris Koehn, Nanaimo Daily News


Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice Selection

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