Red-Line Blues

by Camilla Reghelini Rivers

Lee's hockey coach is only interested in the hotshots on his team. Ordinary players like him spend their time warming the bench.

Lee comes from a family of NHL hockey players, but he's no hotshot--he plays because he loves the game. His coaches, however, spend all their time with the team's stars and leave ordinary players warming the bench.

When the coaches' determination to win puts Lee in hospital, however, he's forced to take a stand against their recklessness.

Red-Line Blues is the story of one player's fight for what's important in sport: fair play and love of the game.

About the Author

CAMILLA REGHELINI RIVERS is a writer, mother, and former teacher.  She was born in India, raised in Alberta, and now lives in Winnipeg. Her title Shut-Out!, was nominated for the 2022 Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award.


"Red-Line Blues,part of the "Sports Series," is another fine entry that any middle-schooler with an interest in hockey will enjoy."

Mary Ellen Monahan, Highlands Regional Library Cooperative Book Evaluation Program


Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice Selection

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