by Steven Sandor

Warren's dreams of being a football star are in reach -- but does he have to cheat to win?

Growing up above his parents' Chinese family restaurant in Sexsmith, Alberta, Warren Chen has always dreamed of being a football star. At 90 pounds and five feet tall, he's not exactly built like a linebacker, but even short kids from tiny towns have big dreams. At first the coach is reluctant to even let him try out, but soon he sees Warren's strengths -- he is small, slippery, and no one can catch him. Warren is named the team's new running back.

In their first game of the season, the Sexsmith Shamrocks face their biggest rivals, Grande Prairie. In a breathtaking dash along the sideline, Warren reaches the end zone to score the game-winning touchdown -- almost. But Warren celebrates anyway, and the referee buys it. Sexsmith's losing streak is broken, and Warren has proven himself worthy to be on the team, a genuine football star! But he knows it's not quite the truth, and sooner or later, someone will find out. Warren has to decide whether to come clean and cost his school the victory, or continue living the smalltown football dream.

About the Author

Steven Sandor
STEVEN SANDOR is a professional sportswriter and magazine editor. He is also a colour commentator for FC Edmonton broadcasts. He lives and writes in Edmonton, Alberta.


"This is a well-written story about how sports can inform so many other areas of life, as Warren makes new friends, meets girls, and finds new common ground as he teaches his father about the game. Recommended for football fans, or anyone who wishes they knew more about the sport."

Rated G, good, even great at times, generally useful!

Jaclyn McLean, Resource Links
"Sandor's experiences as a sportswriter and broadcaster are evident, creating an authentic basis for the story line. He effectively weaves strong life lessons about winning, losing, and fair play into Warren's story in a manner that is subtle and highly engaging."
Booklist (U.S.)
"In a well-written and compelling story, Sandor quietly explores ideas on how important pro sports are to our world and how the win-at-all-costs attitude can have a negative effect on children."
Wayne Arthurson, news magazine

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