Rescue Rider

by Janet M. Whyte

Mystery and show jumping collide in the story of a girl's love for a difficult horse.
Between showing the award-winning jumper Mirror Glider, working at South Hills Stables, and washing dishes in her dad's South Asian family restaurant, thirteen-year-old Dev Rani doesn't always have a lot of time left for homework or a social life. But when Mirror Glider has an accident and is forced to retire, Dev is suddenly faced with a new problem: Zim, a promising, but very disturbed, rescue horse. Dev is charged with convincing this troubled Arabian to become the jumper she knows he can be. But first, she needs to learn more about this abandoned horse's history -- and things get more complicated than she bargained for.

About the Author

JANET M. WHYTE, a former horseback rider, now works as a library technician at Langara College in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is the author of two published novels, Charlie and Charlie on Tour, and a chapter book, Mr. Bert's Story Time.


Author Janet M. Whyte, a former horseback rider, vividly portrays the details of horses and show jumping.
Rated G - Good, even great at times, generally useful
Kristine Moruzi, Resource Links
"..depicts parents who, at first, seem uncaring but after better communicating together, end up supporting their child's life choices....includes enough sports scenes to propel the action. These satisfying reads are good for reluctant readers, especially those with sports interests..."
Jane Van Wiemokly, VOYA (U.S.)

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