Rock Dogs

by Steven Barwin

The Rock Dogs' three-day camping trip turns into an adventure.

Noah is the top member of his rock climbing team, the Rock Dogs. Along with Lucas, Noah's best friend, and Eric, his biggest rival, the Rock Dogs win the annual in-house competition, and are rewarded with a three-day camping trip to Rattle Snake Point. There is only one catch: everyone must bring an adult. Luckily, Noah's dad, who has been preoccupied with his new business, finds the time to go along. But he is unable to leave his work at home, resulting in a survival lesson for both Noah and Eric.

About the Author

Steven Barwin
STEVEN BARWIN is a writer and a teacher who lives in Toronto. He has written for television shows as well as DVD interactive games. His previous Sports Stories novels, Slam Dunk and Roller Hockey Blues, were both Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice selections.

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"Obviously well-researched, the book feels very authentic and is a must-read for climbing fans.
This book, and the rest of the books in the Sports Stories Series would be a good addition to any school library; they are very good chapter books for readers who enjoy a fast-paced adventure story."
Claire Hazard, Resource Links

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