Salut, Gadou!

by Malcolm Reid

illustrated by Rose Zgodzinski

The kids of St-Jean Baptiste in Quebec City needed their clubhouse, their Monde des Jeaunes. So when the owner, Mr Tremblay, cut down their favourite tree, the battle lines were drawn.
The kids of the St-Jean-Baptiste district of Quebec City are going to lose their clubhouse--the only place where they can meet their friends, talk, and play music without adults around all the time.
But they've worked so hard on it, putting up walls, hammering, cleaning, that they won't give it up without a fight. So Genevieve, her friend Gadou and the other club members try to figure out a plan to save the clubhouse. Soon their efforts involve the whole neighbourhood, the police and even the mayor of Quebec! Whatever the outcome, the kids will never be the same when the fight is finally over.
Set in the neighbourhoods of beautiful Quebec City, Salut, Gadou! is the lively story of a group of young people who come together to fight for a common cause.

About the Authors

Malcolm Reid

MALCOLM REID is a journalist who lives in Quebec City. He is also the author of The Shouting Signpainters, an account of Quebec revolutionary nationalism.

Rose Zgodzinski

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