Small Business and the Big Banks

by Susan Bellan

Most owners of small businesses find they have a one-sided relationship with their banks. It seems like the banker holds all the cards. Financing is hard to get. Ans, should a small business get into trouble, its bank often makes the situation worse, not
When owners of small businesses sit down with their bankers, it seems the banks hold all the cards: financing is hard to get; service fees are steep.
Here is a practical, hard-hitting book that explains how the banks work and how the bankers think. It uses plain language to tell small business owners how to determine the financing they need and how to go about getting it. It offers specific strategies to help owners manage their relationships with their banks as well as ideas for how the industry could be more responsive to small business.
Small Business and the Big Banks offers sensible advice that will help business owners regain control of the banking relationship--and keep it.

About the Author

Susan Bellan

SUSAN BELLAN owns a small retail business in Toronto. She studied political science and economics at the University of Manitoba and at McGill.

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