Strange & Supernatural

Chilling Tales from Canada's East Coast

by Barbara Whitby

Spine chilling accounts of supernatural stories of the Maritimes.

Spine chilling accounts of school hauntings after the Halifax Explosion, premonitions of the Titanic tragedy, the phantom reappearance of the Yarmouth, the Great Amherst Poltergeist Mystery, the cursing of the Narrows area in Halifax Harbour, and the famous "Bell Island Hag" in Newfoundland are just some of the supernatural stories found in this collection that will make you shiver.

About the Author

Barbara Whitby is a freelance writer living in Halifax. She developed a life-long fascination with the Beothuk story after she immigrated to Canada from England in 1960. Now retired; she hikes, belly dances, acts as a film extra, and enjoys life as a great-grandmother. Through writing and the occasional radio broadcast, she shares her ardent interest in history, spirituality, healing, and travel.

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