Summit Series ’72

Eight games that put Canada on top of world hockey

by Richard Brignall

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From Crosby's winning goal at the 2010 Winter Games to Henderson's awesome goal in the 72 Summit
Series, Canada's greatest hockey moments go hand in hand with how we see our place in the world.
It wasn't until Canadian teams started losing in international tournaments in the mid 1950s that an epic hockey rivalry between Canada and the Soviet Union began. Canadians believed hockey was
"their game." So Canadians were in for a rude awakening when they lost Game One of the 1972 Summit Series to the Soviets. The eight-game tournament quickly became a "war on ice" fuelled by
competing Cold War ideologies. Hockey fans will enjoy reading about: small-town teams that represented Canada in international tournaments before there was a Team Canada; Father David Bauer and the first National Hockey Team; the birth of Hockey Canada; Canada and the Cold War; Canadian style of play in hockey versus the Russian style of play; and Bobby Clarke's dirty slash on Kharlamov.

About the Author

Richard Brignall
Writer and former sports reporter RICHARD BRIGNALL lives in Kenora, Ontario. He is the author of several other titles in the Recordbooks series, including Fearless, Big Train, Forever Champions,
Big League Dreams, and China Clipper. His also a frequent contributor to Cottage Life and Outdoor Canada.


"...well-written, well-suited to the intended audience and ideal for recreational reading...The sidebars dealing with politics give a brief history of the relations between the Soviet Bloc and the West during the post Second World War period. This is accurate and interesting and useful to young readers who may never have heard of Communism or the Soviet Union. They should provoke some interesting questions....his style is perfect for the targetted audience."
Thomas F. Chambers, CM: Canadian Review fo Materials
"... a good introduction for new generations of fans looking to learn about one of hockey's most important events."
Joe Pelletier,
"Not only was Summit Series a lesson in Canadian hockey history, it was a lesson in Cold War history. Like many of the books in the RecordBooks series, Brignall and his editors used text boxes to call out interesting information as well as to explain less familiar concepts."
Rebecca Dobrinski,


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