The Avro Arrow: A Picture History

by Lawrence Miller

Dramatic images tell the story of the creation -- and destruction -- of the best aircraft in the world.

When the magnificent new Avro Arrow fighter jet thundered into the sky over Malton, Ontario on a cold March morning in 1958, Canada's aviation scientists, designers, and pilots were the best in the world. Less than a year later the Arrow project was dead. What happened?

The story of the Avro Arrow, Canada's magnificent and doomed fighter plane, has been told, retold and analyzed so often it is fading into myth. It is shocking that the best interceptor in the world in the 1950s never went into service. Five Arrows were flying and the sixth would certainly set the world speed record, yet Canadian authorities ordered every one destroyed.

This book, which tells the story using 100+ historical photos, brings the airplane and the people who made it -- and killed it-- back to life. Every step of the Arrow's development was recorded in photographs. This book brings 100+ of these images together, to tell the story in picture form.

About the Author

Lawrence Miller
LAWRENCE MILLER went to McMaster University on scholarships and summer jobs as a newspaper reporter (Brantford Expositor, Toronto Star), graduating with an MA in English literature. He is a Transport Canada licensed glider pilot and for several years has held (and used) a Flight Instructor Rating—Glider. He is also the author of the out-of-print Amazing Stories series title, The Avro Arrow: A Picture History.


"This book would be of interest to students who are interested in aviation, the Cold War or Canadian inventions. All students will be supported in their understanding by the over one hundred pictures found in this book....highly recommended for school and public library collections." Rated E, excellent
Sarah Nelson, Resource Links


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