The Avro Arrow Story (JR)

The Impossible Dream

by Bill Zuk

The Avro Arrow interceptor aircraft was designed in Ontario in the 1950's by one of the best airplane companies in the world.  The government cancelled the plane, destroyed prototypes and burned blueprints, but the legend lives on.

The Avro CF-105 Arrow was an interceptor aircraft. It was designed and built in Ontario in the 1950s. The company that built the Arrow was one of the best airplane companies in the world. It was an amazing plane. But the plane as cancelled by the government. The prototypes were destroyed, and the blueprints were burned. But the name lives on.

About the Author

BILL ZUK is an aviation historian and author whose interest in the Avro Arrow dates back to a time when he was an Air Cadet. He is an active member of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society and the Western Canada Aviation Museum. Currently a teacher-librarian in Pembina Trails School Division in Winnipeg, he also works as the training coordinator for the aviation industry in Manitoba. His writing career began in 1997 when he was involved in the Arrow mini-series. He is the author of Avrocar: Canada's Flying Saucer and Janusz Zurakowski: Legend in the Skies. He also worked on the documentary "Avrocar: Saucer Secrets from the Past", which was based on his book. He was able to fulfill an improbable dream of actually building a flying saucer, albeit, a movie version. In 2003, he served as the curator of a travelling exhibition, The Avro Arrow: A Dream is Denied and directed two film documentaries, "Bearing His Soul" and "Zero Over the Prairies", for CTV and PBS.


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