The Beautiful Game

by David Skuy

Fourteen-year-old Cody and his friends play the beautiful game to try to save a beautiful place.

Cody and the Lions are playing great soccer, even if their team has only eleven players. But the arrival of an international company to build a factory on a nearby lake splits the team in two: Cody and his teammates who are worried the factory will pollute the lake vs. the players whose families will benefit from the jobs and opportunities the company will bring. Cody and his friends decide to organize a marathon soccer game to bring attention to the environmental impact of the factory in the hopes people will put pressure on the town council to vote against it being built.

The marathon soccer game tests Cody to the limits of his strength. But it also tests his friendship, teamwork, courage, and faith that he can deal with the emotional effects as well as the physical effects of surviving cancer.

Very much a book that can be read on its own, The Beautiful Game is a sequel to David Skuy's highly successful 2013 novel Striker.

About the Author

David Skuy
DAVID SKUY was the winner of the 2012 Silver Birch Award, and his recent young adult novel Striker was shortlisted for the Silver Birch and named a VOYA Top Shelf Honoree. He is also the author of the Game Time! hockey series. David lives in Toronto.


"There are a lot of messages in the story - from the power of the 'little guy' to influence big business, to bullying, racism, believing in yourself, and the importance of family - all of them worthy."
Karen Rankin,, CM Magazine
"Skuy writes skilfully about the game of soccer."
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