The Canadian Fuhrer

The Life of Adrien Arcand

by Jean-Francois Nadeau

As a journalist and political organizer, Arcand was a fierce advocate of the anti-democratic views of fascism, a virulent anti-Semite, and an admirer of Hitler. Arcand promoted his ideas for three more decades as an early Holocaust denier, a lifelong apologist for Hitler, and an influence in right-wing politics in Canada in the 1950s and 60s.

About the Author

Jean-Francois Nadeau

Jean-Francois Nadeau
JEAN-FRANCOIS NADEAU taught history at Laurentian University before becoming the arts editor of Le Devoir. He is the author of five books and currently lives in Montreal.


"...a very thorough, authoritative biography with a title that not only projects a strong, powerful image, but conveys the author's willingness to call a spade a spade.
As a former academic historian, Nadeau brings an impressive array of insight and talent to the task of unravelling the life of Canada's best know fascist leader...It will quickly be recognized as the standard work on a sordid aspect of Quebec's 20th-century history."
Paul W. Bennett, Chronicle Herald
"His book is both more and sometimes less than a biography: Arcand is the focus, but numerous other actors appear and additional nationalist groups are analyzed... It is not that Nadeau lacks a point of view: his dislike of the leading and supporting actors in his fascinating story is pronounced. But he is cool and detached and his research is thorough and critical. The translation is smooth and readable... Jean-François Nadeau's study of Adrien Arcand and his times is an engrossing read. A talented historian, Nadeau has put this despicable figure into a rich context of many marginal movements..."
Ramsay Cook, Literary Review of Canada
"Nadeau has penetrated into dark recesses of Quebec history, areas, which as he notes, have been largely ignored."
Bryan Demchinsky,


Richard-Arès Prize for the best book on an important public issue

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