The Crested Seas

by Arthur Hunt Chute

introduction by Gerald Hallowell

A ripping yarn of adventure on the high seas, fishing on the Grand Banks with Bluenose skippers in the Gloucester fleet

Johnnie Angus grew up around fishermen and fishing vessels and, like other young men in Judique, on Cape Breton's southwest shore, he always dreamed of going to sea. When he and his companion Louis, "a Gaelic-speaking negro," get trapped "accidentally" aboard his uncle's schooner in the harbour at Port Hood, their hair-raising and daring adventures begin.

Full of action throughout, The Crested Seas is fine entertainment for all ages, a chance to go to sea vicariously in the age of graceful schooners and experience the timeless struggle of man against the sea.

About the Authors

Gerald Hallowell
Gerald Hallowell
ARTHUR HUNT CHUTE (1888-1929) was born in Illinois and grew up in Halifax and Wolfville, Nova Scotia, later attending Acadia University. His respect for the sea and the people who worked on it and his taste for travel and adventure were reflected in both his fiction and his journalism.
GERALD HALLOWELL was senior editor of Canadian history at University of Toronto Press, and is editor of The Oxford Companion to Canadian History. He lives in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

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