The Great Bike Race

by Kathy Stinson

Can Matt win first prize in the town's bike race? He thinks so. But his own bike is falling apart! Plus, his friends Mike, David, and Amanda all think they can win, too.
Can Matt win first prize in the town's bike race? He thinks so. Not only is he fast, but he deserves the 18-speed mountain bike being given away. His own bike is falling apart! But Matt has a problem. His friends Mike, David, and Amanda all think they can win, too and practising for the race seems to bring out the worst in everyone. Soon Matt and Mike are barely speaking. Can Matt stay friends with the others after the race is over? If he loses, will he want to?
"An air of determined competition surrounded the racers. Matt leaned over his handlebars, ready for the 'Go'. Sweat trickled down the side of his face. He reached up to wipe it away. Bang!" [Fry Reading Level - 3.3

About the Author

Kathy Stinson
KATHY STINSON is one of Canada's foremost authors for young people. Over the past 25 years, she has published acclaimed books in virtually every genre, including Canadian classics such as Red is Best, Big or Little, The Bare Naked Book, and the Pebble Creek series, as well as more recent hits, including the Marie-Claire volumes in the best-selling Our Canadian Girl historical fiction series and the provocative young adult novel Becoming Ruby, which was nominated for a White Pine Award. Kathy lives in Rockwood, ON, with her partner, children's book editor and writing teacher, Peter Carver.


This book in one in a trilogy called Pebble Creek. Matt's best friend goes to visit a relative. While he is away, he becomes friends with David. When Lennox comes back, Matt is torn between his two friends who do not seem to get along together. When the opportunity comes up for a bike race with a grand prize being a new bike, Matt jumps at the idea since his bike is old and falling apart. But then, the tension between his two friends mounts up. A new girl moves in who is deaf. She decides to join the bike race too. In the meantime, Matt has made friends with an older man called Mr. Grubb. Who will win the race and get the new, fancy bike? How will the friends work out their differences? This is a good book about friendship along with the theme of a bike race.
Didi Kearsley (Mercer Island) - W
Recommended Buy
Didi Kearsley, Puget Sound Council for the Review of Children's Media
"Stinson does a superb job in allowing readers to observe a wide range of feelings as experienced through her characters. ...Throughout the narrative, Stinson allows readers to observe demonstrations of loyalty and friendship as well as fun and competitiveness. Stinson beautifully captures the excitement and enthusiasm that takes place at a small town celebration and everyone's involvement."
CM: Canadian Review of Materials

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