The Incredible Adventures of Louis Riel (JR)

Canada's Most Famous Revelutionary

by Cat Klerks

The story of a rebel and a powerful orator -- Louis Riel -- who emerged as a leader of the Metis in the Red River settlement
"Fifteen years ago, I gave my heart to this nation, and I am ready to give it again." - Louis Riel, 1884.
This book will be especially fascinating for all young readers interested in: history, biography, or politics. Louis Riel is perhaps the most controversial figure in Canadian history. A rebel and a powerful orator, he emerged as a leader of the Metis in the Red River settlement. His ability to unite the Metis nation was legendary. Although known as the Father of Manitoba, he spent much of his adult life in exile. He was found guilty of treason and hanged in Regina on November 16, 1885.

About the Author

CAT KLERKS has a degree in English from McGill University.   She is the author of Emily Carr: The Incredible Life and Adventures of a West Coast Artist and Lucky Luciano: The Father of Organized Crime.  She lives and works in Banff, Alberta.

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