The Indomitable Lady Doctors

by Carlotta Hacker

Meet a dozen fascinating women, pioneers in the medical world, adventurers who went west with the homesteaders, missionaries who went to Tibet, China and India, scholars the academic community had to recognise.
The medical establishment in Canada didn't accept these women doctors easily, and their battles for admittance into this profession are revealing. Author Carlotta Hacker presents her biographical profiles in a lively, entertaining style.

About the Author

Carlotta Hacker

CARLOTTA HACKER is the author of more than 20 books. Her first career was as a historical researcher at London University. She then worked her way around the world, and on an Easter Island expedition met Canadian filmmaker Hector J. Lemieux, whom she later married. From then on she had three careers: writer, filmperson, and editor. She lives in London, Ontario.


"Readable and interesting."
Canadian Churchman

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