The Mass Media in Canada

Fourth Edition

by Mary Vipond

Who decides what we read, watch, and hear?

Canada has one of the most advanced mass-media systems in the world, which allows Canadians more access to American culture via television, the movies, and the Internet than ever before. At the same time, governments support the production and distribution of Canadian content to Canadians.

In this fully updated fourth edition, MARY VIPOND traces the rise of the traditional mass media in Canada, explores the new media, and discusses the influence of old mass media on new media.

Clearly written and persuasively argued, The Mass Media in Canada demonstrates the huge challenges government face today in trying to influence media content and considers the troubling questions of who decides what we read, watch, and hear.

About the Author

MARY VIPOND has long been interested in the evolution and influence of Canada's mass media. An authority on the origins of Canadian broadcasting, she is professor emeritus of history at Concordia University in Montreal.

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