The Minerva Program

by Claire Mackay

Minerva Wright had a feeling that she was going to be good at computers. And she was...almost too good!
Minerva Wright might not be the most popular person in her class, or he best-dressed, but there's one thing she's really good at: computers. In fact, she might be too good.
She's so well know for her programming at school that when somebody hacks the school network, everyone assumes it's her and she gets banned from the computer room. She knows she didn't do it, but convincing the rest of the school is another matter altogether. With the help of her "spiderman" brother and her ingenious friends, however, she frames a scheme daring and clever enough to trap the real culprit. Or is it?
The Minerva Program is a faced-paced technological mystery set against the pressures of growing up and going to school.

About the Author

Claire Mackay

Popular author CLAIRE MACKAY has written many books for young readers. She is co-author of the award-winning One Proud Summer and has won both the Ruth Schwartz and the Vicky Metcalf awards.


"a very good book"
Stacey Stratton, student, Toronto Star


Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice Selection

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