The Myth of the Good Corporate Citizen

Canada and Democracy in the Age of Globalization

by Murray Dobbin

This book is a classic for anyone who wants to understand the forces of globalization and their impact on the economy, on politics and on social life -- with a Canadian orientation.

Marching under the banner of globalization, governments and large corporations have transformed the world over the past 20 years.

In this book, Murray Dobbin traces the history and growing power of the multinational corporation, chronicling the effect of these companies on Canadian society. He documents their increasing influence over government, noting how corporate media encourage citizens to view politics as a spectator sport in which they play no meaningful role.

In this new edition, Dobbin records the dramatic emergence of popular opposition to globalization in the past five years, marked by the unprecedented WTO protests in Seattle and elsewhere, and the growing constituency for anti-globalization research and action.

First published in 1998 and now newly updated, The Myth of the Good Corporate Citizen is a useful primer for anyone who wants to understand world-straddling corporations and their many friends in government who subscribe to a globalizing ideology.

About the Author

Murray Dobbin

Murray Dobbin
MURRAY DOBBIN has been a journalist, author, broadcaster, and media analyst for over thirty years. He is the author of Preston Manning and the Reform Party and The Politics of Kim Campbell (both bestsellers), and more recently, The Myth of the Good Corporate Citizen. He has prepared several programs for CBC Radios Ideas series including one on taxes and an exposé of the New Right revolution in New Zealand. He is a research associate and board member of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.'

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