The Prince and His Lady

The Love Story of the Duke of Kent and Madame de St Laurent

by Mollie Gillen

The story of Canada's 18th century royal romance - the Duke of Kent and his true love and the destiny that tore them apart, but left the city of Halifax with several fine architectural monuments.

In keeping with the practice of the 18th century, Edward Augustus, son of George III and the Duke of Kent, commissioned a friend to find him a mistress. From this unpromising and unromantic beginning grew his 27-year-long love affair with Julie de St Laurent.

Edward was sent to command the garrison at the British naval base of Halifax, and Julie went with him. Together they spent many happy years there and in Quebec City. The Duke inscribed his devotion on the landscape at his estate near Halifax, where walks were laid out to spell "Julie", and a heart-shaped pond was dug as a testament to their love. When the only heir to England's throne died, however, the Duke's duty to make a royal marriage and produce more heirs was clear. He and Julie parted, though he continued to concern himself about her well-being and financial stability.

As it turned out, Edward was successful and the future Queen Victoria was born from his royal marriage. Edward died not long afterwards, leaving behind him several fine public buildings in Halifax as monuments of his time in that city.

The Prince and His Lady is both a moving love story and a fascinating portrait of the social life of Canada's early history.

Replaces the Goodread edition, ISBN 0-88780-139-0

About the Author

Mollie Gillen

MOLLIE GILLENs writing career started in the 50s. As a federal government information officer in Ottawa she edited government journals. In 1995 she received Hon.D.Litt. from her alma mater Sydney University for her work on the First Fleet and the history of early Australia and she also received the Order of Australia for her enormous contributions to her home country. '

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