Ticket to Hell

Via Dieppe: From a Prisoner's Wartime Log 1942-1945

by A. Robert Prouse

The story of a young Canadian's three years in a German prisoner-of-war camp - told with warmth, humour and honesty.
Robert Prouse was one of 5000 Canadians who volunteered for the disastrous August 1942 raid on Dieppe. Pinned down as soon as they hit the beach, Prouse was one of the many Canadians captured that day: they spent the rest of the war in German prison camps.
In a secret diary, Prouse kept a faithful record of three years' captivity. Drawn from that log, this account offers an unusually honest, accurate picture of captives and captors. Prouse tells of the horrors faced by those in the German camps, of his two escape attempts, of courage, bravery, tragedy--and the remarkable spirit of men trapped together under inhuman conditions.
Ticket to Hell is a gruelling account of war and captivity, and of the qualities of the human spirit that endure it.

About the Author

A. Robert Prouse

A.ROBERT PROUSE was born in Verdun, Quebec in 1911. After a variety of jobs on road crews, in gold mines and detective agencies, he joined the Canadian Army. Following World War Two he pursued a sales career in Toronto. He is survived by his son Rob Prouse - [email protected](more)


"A fascinating, yet terrible, memoir of what it was like behind barbed wire."
Kingston Whig-Standard
"A keen observer ... memorable."
Toronto Sunday Star
"Simple, frequently earthy and graphic, yet dignified ... Provides a personal example of Canadian courage and endurance during the war."
Times Journal

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