Toby and the Mysterious Creature

by Jean Lemieux

illustrated by Sophie Casson

translated by Sarah Cummins

Toby's class project is outdone by Arnold's mysterious creature, but does it really exist?

Today is the big day in Toby's class. The team that presents the best project about an original object will win tickets to the Circus of the Stars. So far, the class has come up with presentations about ukuleles, a collection of stamps, a turban and a ferret. Toby is sure that he and Marianne have a great chance of winning. Their project on eclipses is out of this world! Or at least that's what Toby thinks before seeing the little green box where Arnold guards his mysterious creature!

About the Authors

Jean Lemieux
Jean Lemieux

JEAN LEMIEUX is a doctor, as well as an author of many popular and award-winning children's books. After working for many years on the Magdalen Islands, he now resides in Quebec.

SOPHIE CASSON is a graphic designer, specialising in illustration. She lived for many years in Africa, but more recently in Montreal.

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