Two Minutes for Roughing

by Joseph Romain

Roddy Smith and his brother Lenny are tough. They run things on the Metro Cats, a hockey team in Toronto's East End.

Les Lewchuck is a rink rat--he loves hanging around his neighbourhood park in East End Toronto, playing hockey whenever and with whom ever he can. He's keen to hit the ice, then, when he finally gets to join a real team, the Metro Cats.
He soon finds, however, that Roddy and Lenny Smith, a couple of tough, bullying brothers, run the team. When Les flattens one of the brothers in practice, they vow to get him back. To make matter worse, Les's parents have separated and things at home aren't how they used to be. When his troubles at home and at the rink reach a fiery crisis, Les has to find the courage to tell the truth about a painful situation.
Packed with exciting hockey action, Two Minutes for Roughing is the story of how one young man learns to overcome bullying, on and off the ice.

Fry Reading Level - 3.8

About the Author

JOSEPH ROMAIN is a Toronto-based writer and a former curator of the NHL's Hockey Hall of Fame. He is a regular performer at the Mariposa Folk Festival, a Little League baseball coach, and an avid Blue Jays fan.


Praise for Lizzie's Soccer Showdown and :
"They're both fast-paced stories about real-life situations faced by all kids, and even though the hero of the hockey book was a boy, my 11-year-old daughter loved them both."
Kerry Sweetman, Ottawa Citizen
"This classic bullies-out-to-get-the-new-kid story is notable for its quick-paced delivery and believable dialogue... recommended."
Lisa Arsenault, Canadian Book Review
"Two Minutes for Roughing will appeal to kids who are addicted to hockey. There is a chronic shortage of hockey stories out there - that alone will guarantee a readership for this book."
Phyllis Simon, Quill & quire

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