Vegas Tryout

by Lorna Schultz Nicholson

Carrie Munroe: the synchro swimmer who won't let her body shape weigh her down

Toronto synchro swimmer Carrie Munroe is Podium Sports Academy's team flyer and the school's best prospect for making it at the upcoming Vegas tryouts -- fulfilling her dreams of being in a glitz-and-glamour professional show. Carrie feels there's only one thing holding her back -- the weekly poolside weigh-ins. Her coach agrees, and Carrie is put on a special diet to control her weight. But the pressure to succeed while also dealing with troublesome family members back home lead Carrie to make some very risky decision about her health and eating habits.

To come out on top, Carrie will have to accept that although she may not have the typical swimmer's body, she has the strength to be the best -- but only if she takes care of herself.

[Fry reading level - 3.0

About the Author

Lorna Schultz Nicholson
LORNA SCHULTZ NICHOLSON has written picture books, middle grade and YA fiction, and non-fiction. She has also written, produced, and hosted programs for television and radio, and is well known in Western Canada for her print journalism, including sports writing. Lorna regularly visits schools to share her passion for literacy with students. She lives in Edmonton with her husband and their two dogs.


"This exploration of teenage anorexia is well-written with a tie-in to the synchronized sports culture"
Rated G - Good, even great at times, generally useful!
Myra Junyk, Resource Links
"Vegas Tryout successfully conveys the high stakes in competitive sports and the diligence and determination of those teens"
Nicole Dalmer, CM Magazine
"Carrie [is a believable, sympathetic character dealing with realistic situations that many teens can relate to... Nicholson writes with a deft touch that will appeal to many readers"
Mary-Esther Lee, Sister's Library


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