Walter Gordon

A Political Memoir

by Walter Gordon

The biography of a gentle, passionate patriot who became an Ottawa insider and fought for his vision of an independent Canada.
Walter Gordon was a born member of the Canadian Establishment, a senior partner in one of the country's major accounting firms, successful and powerful in the world of business.
After considerable persuasion by his close friend Prime Minister Lester Pearson, Gordon left business for politics and became finance minister in the Liberal government in 1963. But Gordon was different from many of his associates--he had an abiding concern for Canada, and for ensuring the independence of its enconomy. He worked to enshrine this perspective in the Liberal Party, the Pearson government and in Canadian politics generally.
Walter Gordon: A Political Memoir tells the story of a politician who put principles above personal ambition, who suffered disappointments and defeats, but who always stood out as a man who remained true to his beliefs.

About the Author

Walter Gordon

WALTER GORDON was born in Toronto and educated at Upper Canada College. After a long and distinguished career in business and public service he joined the government of Lester B. Pearson, serving as Minister of Finance. He continued his advocacy for Canadian economic independence, nuclear disarmament and other issues after his retirement from active politics.


"An attractive, compassionate introvert ... with a deep personal belief in freedom and the humanistic worth of the Canadian experiment."
Peter C. Newman
"He is a straight shooter."
Christopher Young, Southam News Services
"A story of real politics, of a man of some expertise, some frailties, and a great deal of honour."
Dave Godfrey, Canadian Forum

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