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  • Tagged Out

    The inner-city Blues baseball team is having a lousy year, until all-star player Jock joins the team. The only problem? Not all the Blues can handle having a gay player on their team.
    $9.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 9-13
    Reading level: Grade 3
    Lexile Reading Level: 730L
  • Beyond Crazy

    We are all carrying our own secret, crazy burdens
    $9.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 14-18
    Reading level: Grade 4
  • Homo

    It's not coming out that's the problem for Will, it's what happens after
    $9.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 13-18
    Reading level: Grade 4
    Lexile Reading Level: HL720L
  • Truth and Lies

    When the police investigation into a vicious attack on Erin's friend comes up empty, Erin decides to take matters into her own hands.
    $9.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 14-18
    Reading level: Grade 4
  • Out

    After several shocking events, Alex must decide where his loyalties and beliefs lie.

    $16.95, Hardcover
    Interest ages: 14-18
    Reading level: Grade 5
  • Degrassi Junior High: Snake

    Grade nine isn't turning out the way Snake planned. The prettiest girl at Degrassi thinks he's a geek, his marks are falling, and his brother has just announced that he's gay. Can Snake get it together before the year becomes a total disaster?
    $16.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 10-17
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