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  • The Fake-Chicken Kung Fu Fighting Blues

    12-year-old filmmaker Anthony has culture shock after leaving the big city's Chinatown for a remote northern community. Can he learn to love his new home, even though there are no other Asian families around and he doesn't understand the town's obsession with hockey?
    $12.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 8-12
    Reading level: Grade 3
    Lexile Reading Level: 630L
  • Tournament Fugee

    Unable to concentrate on his game because of the traumas he experienced in Syria, Victor, captain of a soccer team of refugee kids, discovers how to offer real leadership to his team during a national competition.
    $12.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 10-13
    Reading level: Grade 3
    Lexile Reading Level: 660L
  • The Enforcer

    When Jack's hockey coach moves, Jack's hockey-crazy grandfather P.J. steps into the role. But can the team adapt to Grandpa P.J.'s old-school methods?
    $9.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 10-13
  • Degrassi Junior High: Wheels

    Wheels' good fortune slams to a halt when his parents are killed in a car accident. Will his friends be there for him now that he really needs them?
    $16.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 10-17
  • Runaway Gran

    Rosy's grandmother keeps vanishing. Where does she go when she disappears? And does Gran really know, as she claims, where a secret treasure can be found?
    $8.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 6-10
    Reading level: Grade 3
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