The Fake-Chicken Kung Fu Fighting Blues

by Aaron Lam

illustrated by Kean Soo

12-year-old filmmaker Anthony has culture shock after leaving the big city's Chinatown for a remote northern community. Can he learn to love his new home, even though there are no other Asian families around and he doesn't understand the town's obsession with hockey?

Anthony's grandma, Po Po, is even more unhappy than he is when the family moves from busy Chinatown to a faraway northern community. Po Po won't even leave the house! So Anthony decides to bring the community to Po Po by making a movie about their new home.

Can Anthony bridge the gap between his Tai Chi, Feng Shui loving grandma and a small town obsessed with hockey?

About the Authors

Aaron Lam
Aaron Lam

AARON LAM is a writer and producer of documentaries about hockey, theatre and health. His nonfiction and poetry have appeared in magazines and films. He lives in Oakville, Ontario.

KEAN SOO is a cartoonist and creator of the popular children's comic character Jellaby. He was selected for TD Canada's Children's Book Week tour in 2016. He was born in Hong Kong and now lives in Canada.


"This book is a lot of fun. The illustrations ... are quirky, like the title, and Anthony is a very likable character, and has a good sense of humor about it all, despite not really liking hockey, which is an obsession in this small town."
Laura Testa-Reyes, NetGalley
"This is a sweet book about how to adapt to moving house and town for 7-10 year olds."
Rogan's Books, Bookseller, NetGalley
Readers who have ever needed to change schools or move will relate to this short novel describing Anthony's efforts to adapt to a new life.
VOYA Magazine

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