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  • Canada Must Think for Itself

    Irvin Studin, one of Canada’s foremost thinkers and strategists, argues that Canada must learn to think for itself in order to survive and succeed in the post-pandemic world. He charts a clear path for asserting Canadian sovereignty and independence in the face of challenges from China, Russia and the United States and overcoming multiple pandemic-period domestic crises.

    $27.95, Paperback
  • Basic Income for Canadians

    This book, updated in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, presents the evidence for the health and wellbeing benefits of providing a basic income to everyone in Canada who needs it.

    $24.95, Paperback
  • Canada after Harper

    The definitive account of the Harper government -- and how its policies can be stopped
    $22.95, Paperback
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    Canada and the Global Economy

    In this book, Bob Chodos, Rae Murphy, and Eric Hamovitch consider the implications of globalization for Canada.
    $29.95, Digital (ePub)
  • Ending Poverty

    In Ending Poverty, political scientist François Blais explores the idea of a universal basic income for all Canadians.

    $24.95, Paperback
  • How Ottawa Spends Your Tax Dollars

    This study provides in-depth, critical analysis of the 1981 federal expenditures budget.
    $16.95, Paperback
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    Out of Work

    Cy Gonick is one of Canada's leading political economists. In this book he analyzes the chronically high unemployment rates that affected Canada in the 1970s.
    $8.95, Paperback
  • Out of Work

    Cy Gonick is one of Canada's leading political economists. In this he explains why unemployment is built into our economy, despite the human hardships it causes.

    $35.00, Hardcover
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