Beaches of Nova Scotia

Discovering the secrets of some of the province's most beautiful beaches

by Allan Billard and Donna Barnett

The diversity and ecological riches of beaches come alive in this highly illustrated, engaging account

Nova Scotia has a wealth of beautiful beaches, some well known, others hidden and treasured by those who know them. Beaches are incredibly rich in what they reveal about ecological processes and diversity.

As a biologist and naturalist, Allan Billard wanted to share the secrets that often lie in plain sight to those in the know. For this book, he chose 27 of the province's beaches, drawn from every region. Some are well known -- Lawrencetown, Martinique, Melmerby, and Blomidon. Others are well worth knowing. The narrative text, enhanced by photographer Donna Barnetts striking images, focuses on a natural process each beach illustrates, including wetland evolution, formation of a barrier beach, salt ponds, and fish nurseries. The themes span a wide range of interests.

Nova Scotia Beaches will enhance the experience of visiting any beach, but it also showcases the uniqueness of each of the 27 featured in the collection.

This book draws the reader in and, in words and pictures, shows the astonishing and fascinating diversity of Nova Scotia's coastal landscape.

About the Authors

Allan Billard
Allan Billard
Donna Barnett
Donna Barnett

A biologist and naturalist, ALLAN BILLARD has been involved in Nova Scotia's outdoor recreation and tourism industries since 1988. He is the author of Waterfalls. He lives in Halifax.

DONNA BARNETT has been photographing landscape, wildlife, historical, and adventure travel themes since the 1980s. She is particularly drawn to subjects relating to water and locations that are generally tucked far away from the well-trodden path. Her work has appeared in many books and magazines in Canada and the United States and she is the author of three books. She lives in Ottawa.


"If your interests are in the bird habitat, biology, oceanography, photography and geology vein, this book is right up your alley."
Bill Spurr,, The Chronicle Herald

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