Best Nova Scotia Beaches, Updated and revised

27 Top Seashore Spots for Sun, Sand and Surf

by Allan Billard and Donna Barnett

Biologist and naturalist, Allan Billard identifies 27 top Nova Scotia beaches. He provides details on each including information on terrain, seasonal availability, lifeguards, cell phone reception, and even the unique natural history that makes each beach special.

Some of the finest beaches in the world can be found in Nova Scotia — if you know where to go. In this updated edition of his book Best Nova Scotia Beaches: 27 Top Seashore Spots for Sun, Sand and Surf, Allan Billard selects 27, from one end of the province to the other. Some of these are widely known, while others are local, out-of-the-way gems. For anyone looking to bask in the sun, head out on a surfboard, or hike alongside crashing waves, this book identifies the top options from around the province. There are key details on each beach, including information on lifeguards, terrain and seasonal availability, and cell phone reception. Allan Billard's illuminating text also explores the unique natural history of each of these beaches, offering insight into why each one is special

About the Authors

Allan Billard
Allan Billard
Donna Barnett
Donna Barnett

ALLAN BILLARD is a naturalist and biologist who has been involved in Nova Scotias outdoor recreation and tourism industries since 1988. He is the author of Waterfalls, Beaches of Nova Scotia, and Lighthouses of Nova Scotia. He lives in Halifax.

DONNA BARNETT has been photographing landscape, wildlife, historical, and adventure travel themes since the 1980s. She is particularly drawn to subjects relating to water and locations that are generally tucked far away from the well-trodden path. Her work has appeared in many books and magazines in Canada and the United States and she is the author of three books. She lives in Ottawa.

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