Best Laid Plans

by Christine Hart

Robyn may have to leave her family behind to make a better life for herself.

Robyn's family has always struggled to make enough money to survive. Robyn's grandmother leaves them an apple orchard in B.C., Robyn thinks things will be different, but Robyn's father still can't pay the bills. He asks Robyn for her own hard-earned money, and encourages her to drop out of school to work in the orchard. Robyn desperately wants to go to university, but to make a better life for herself, she'll have to leave her family behind.

About the Author

Christine Hart
Based in Victoria, B.C., CHRISTINE HART writes young adult fiction and
short stories. She is also the author of Watching July,winner of a 2008 Moonbeam Gold Medal. She lives in Victoria, BC.


"Robyn's fears and ambitions are relatable."
The Horn Book Guide
"Best Laid Plans is a well-written story about a tenacious 18-year-old girl who strives for a better life."
Canadian Review of Materials
"With unsupportive parents asking for handouts and friends who can't relate to poverty, high school senior Robyn feels like the deck is stacked against her... Robyn's fears and ambitions are relatable."
RLH, The Horn Book Guide


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