Camels Can Make You Homesick and Other Stories

by Nazneen Sadiq

Five stories highlighting the challenges--and joys--of growing up Canadian and South Asian at the same time.

In these stories, five different kids take us five different places. For Zorana, it is a trip to Pakistan and a ride on a camel; for Raj Dhillon, it's a night alone learning wilderness survival; for Amit, it's a trip to McDoanld's with his Bengali-born grandmother; for Jaya, it's on stage for a performance of Indian classical dancing even after a classmate has tried to wreck her costume; and for Shanaz, it's a visit to an understanding neighbour who helps her see that there are beautiful parts to her Muslim heritage and she must learn to share them with others.
The kids in these stories do the ordinary and the not so ordianry and they are always interesting to read about. In an amusing and entertaining manner, they cope with the challenge of growing up Canadian and South Asian at the same time.

About the Author

Nazneen Sadiq

NAZNEEN SADIQ was born in Pakistan in and moved to Canada in 1964. Inspired by the experiences of her own children and those of her friends, she writes to tell something of what it is like to be Canadian and South Asian growing up in Canada.

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