Complete Beading for Beginners

by Harbour Publishing

Author Karen Rempel is taking a bead on the crafters market with her new book, Complete Beading for Beginners. The New Westminster writer switched directions after getting a degree in business from SFU when she went on to the Professional Writing Program at Douglas College. Rempel produced a full-colour prototype of the book before she approached any publishers and was accepted by the first one she took it to. "I wanted it to be clear enough for a 12-year-old to understand... The prime attraction in beading for me is to translate a creative vision into physical reality," she says of her many pieces of jewellery. The book is lavishly illustrated in black and white and colour, covering every aspect of the art from jewellery to beaded clothing and decorative items, findings and tools, to making your own beads from a variety of materials.

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