Hand Drawn Halifax: The Colouring Book

by Emma FitzGerald

A colouring book to relax and inspire with affectionate images of the beautiful buildings, places and the people of Halifax

Emma FitzGerald's 2015 book Hand Drawn Halifax was an immediate hit in Halifax. Emma's appealing sketches of the city's neighbourhoods and her obvious appreciation of the diversity of the city in her notes on her experiences as she drew won her many fans. At events and signings, Emma offered printouts of line drawing versions of a few of the book's illustrations, which were eagerly accepted.

Out of that experience comes this book -- a collection of 80 line drawings for colouring book fans, including brand new drawings. There's an opportunity for everyone to produce their own versions of Emma's portraits of Halifax's buildings, places and people. Printed on thick paper selected to prevent bleedthrough, the 80+ illustrations vary in intricacy, giving options to colour-inners of all ages!

About the Author

Emma FitzGerald

EMMA FITZGERALD was born in Lesotho, a small mountainous kingdom in southern Africa. Emma has followed a career path that is part architecture, part art. While teaching architecture in the Gambia, Emma took students onto the streets of their own communities, using sketching as their primary learning tool. When she returned to Halifax, she continued her drawing and sketching. Since Hand Drawn Halifax – The Colouring Book was first published, Emma’s art has travelled far and wide — in the form of books, prints, and even a van wrapper.


"whimsical and charming"
Tamara Thiebaux Heikalo, Atlantic Books Today

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