Cutting It Close

by Marion Crook

Jayleen's dream is to become Canada's greatest amateur barrel racer, but first she has to find a coach who believes in her talent.

Jayleen lives for the rodeo. She's sure she can be the fastest amateur barrel racer in all of British Columbia, in all of Canada.

Her coach, however, doesn't share this faith. Jayleen finds her heavy-handed coaching style completely unhelpful. In order to excel, Jayleen knows she'll have to find someone to believe in her--so she sets out to do just that.

Cutting It Close is the story of a spirited young woman who decides to take charge of her own destiny.

About the Author

Marion Crook

MARION CROOK has created many lively adventure stories for children and young adults. She lives in British Columbia and has travelled extensively in Canada and the U.S. to research her stories.


"Superb characterization, an intricate plot, and careful attention to descriptive detail make this one of the best choices in the Sports Stories series.... Cutting it Close will appeal especially to horse lovers and young female atheletes.... Recommended."
Deborah Dowson, Canadian Book Review Annual

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