Deal With It Series Bullying & Conflict Resource Guide

contributions by Wendy D Doucette, Rachelle Duffus, Yolanda Hogeveen, Heather Jessop, and Harriet Zaidman

edited by Tricia Carmichael and Allison MacDonald

Creative approaches to help teachers and conflict counselors use the Deal With It series.
Written by teachers and teacher-librarians who use the Deal With It series in their classrooms, this resource guide is divided into eight sections and provides activities to engage students in conflict resolution exercises based on topics covered in:
Arguing: Deal with it word by word
Bullying: Deal with it before push comes to shove
Cliques: Deal with it using what you have inside
Cyberbullying: Deal with it and ctrl alt delete it
Fighting: Deal with it without coming to blows
Gossip: Deal with it before word gets around
Racism: Deal with it before it gets under your skin
Teasing: Deal with it before the joke's on you
Each section includes highlights from the Deal With It books, discussion questions, cross-curricular teaching activities, and additional resources.

About the Authors

Wendy D Doucette

Rachelle Duffus

Yolanda Hogeveen

Heather Jessop

Harriet Zaidman

Tricia Carmichael

TRICIA CARMICHAEL is an editor who specializes in educational materials. Her projects include everything from media literacy resources for K-12 students and teachers, to online professional development resources for healthcare professionals. She lives and works in Toronto, ON.

Allison MacDonald


The book's strengths are many: firstly, there is a variety of activities to choose from... secondly, the activities span the curriculum; thirdly, they can be adapted to suit a particular group of students; and, finally, they do not build on each other so a teacher has the freedom to select whichever activities are best for the group.

This book is a great resource and guide for the middle school teacher.

Gail Hamilton is Library Learning Resources Consultant at the Manitoba Department of Education, in Winnipeg, MB., CM: Canadian Review of Materials
"For schools which already have the Deal with It Series, this Resource Guide would be a great addition. For those schools which have not yet had experience with the series, it might be a worthwhile purchase as the topics covered are very relevant in classrooms in today's milieu.

Students need to know how to deal with these issues and this whole series is a good starting point. In fact, a whole program could be built around these books and the Resource Guide."

Victoria Pennell, Resource Links

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