Dear Old Dumpling

by Gilles Gauthier

illustrated by Pierre-André Derome

translated by Sarah Cummins

Dumpling is very young, just having celebrated his first birthday, and he needs some help growing up.
Carl's little puppy Dumpling is barking at everything in sight, standing up to every dog in the neighborhood like he's the canine king of the world.
Carl's mom says Dumpling's in love, so Carl and his pal Gary set out find out with whom. Dumpling leads them on a wild chasepast bulldogs, chihuahuas, a horse and a rabbitand at the end they find Carl's mom and Gary's dad, kissing! This is strange enough, but when they finally find Dumpling's love, it's even more surprising.
Dear Old Dumpling is a story about the mixed feelings of loss and hope experienced by children of single-parent families, and about the love between a boy and his dog.

About the Authors

Gilles Gauthier

GILLES GAUTHIER is an author and playwright for young people, and he has received many awards. Three of the book in the Mooch series have been selected for the Canadian Childrens Book Centre "Our Choice" award. He is also the author of four Mikey Mite stories.'

Pierre-André Derome

PIERRE-ANDRE DEROME works as a graphic designer for a Quebec publishing house specialising in childrens books.'

Sarah Cummins

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