Freedom of Expression Deal With It

Deal with it before you are censored

by Danielle S. McLaughlin

illustrated by Paris Alleyne

Everyone has the right to express their opinions and attitudes, but what happens when these rights conflict with the rights or safety of others?

Can you say anything you want? Should you?

Everyone has rights but navigating your rights can be difficult. You have the right to freedom of expression but there are many places where this freedom is limited by laws, rules and regulations, or even customs such as good manners.

By exploring the viewpoints of The Censor, The Speechmaker and The Witness, this book will help you navigate issues of how to express identity and opinion.

  • Freedom of Expression 101 defines rights, freedom of expression and censorship
  • Dear Conflict Counsellor offers real-life problems and solutions
  • Quizzes test your ability to identify censorship and how to deal with issues around freedom of expression
  • A resource guide puts helpful organizations, books and websites at your fingertips

About the Authors

Danielle S. McLaughlin
Danielle S. McLaughlin
Paris Alleyne
Paris Alleyne

DANIELLE S. MCLAUGHLIN designed, developed and delivered programs, as Director of Education for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and Education Trust, that engage thousands of students in lively discussion about the conflicts of rights and freedoms that affect everyone who lives in a democracy. She is co-author with Reuben McLaughlin of the That's Not Fair! videos, now used widely in elementary social studies classes, and author of That's Not Fair! Getting to Know Your Rights and Freedoms. Danielle lives in Toronto, Ontario.

PARIS ALLEYNE is a comic-book artist. He has done work as a colourist for Ninja Turtle, Ghostbuster, GI Joe, Captain Canuck, and Riftworld comics. His art has appeared in Black Comix Returns and his own independent Haven comics. Paris lives in Toronto, Ontario.


"Spotlights real-life situations that young readers will be able to relate to."

CM: Canadian Review of Materials

"The accessible language of the text is meant to appeal to pre-teen and teenage readers ... Teachers and counselors might find this book useful as a discussion starter."

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