Hard Money, Hard Times

Why Zero Inflation Hurts Canadians

edited by Lars Osberg and Pierre Fortin

Eight leading economists discuss the recent history of monetary policy and its effects on the economy.

Following the recession of the early 1990s, the Canadian economy boomed under the moderate policies of the Bank of Canada. Why, then, would the Bank wish to return to a high-interest, hard-money approach?

The eight independent economists featured in this volume argue that this shift could prove disastrous. They examine the rationale behind high interest rates, and argue that moderate policies on inflation and interest rates are essential to the creation of growth, and the reduction of unemployment and government deficits.

Hard Money, Hard Times offers a series of lucid, independent analyses of the challenges that faced the Canadian economy in the 1990s.

About the Authors

Lars Osberg

Lars Osberg
LARS OSBERG is an economist at Dalhousie University in Halifax with a special interest in the labour market and economic policy.

Pierre Fortin

PIERRE FORTIN is a professor of economics at the University of Quebec.

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