Her Excellency Jeanne Sauvé

by Shirley Woods

A small circle of French Canadians who were journalists, intellectuals and politicans had enormous influence on Canadian life in the 60s and 70s. There was one woman among them - and this book tells her story.
Jeanne Sauvé has led a remarkable life. Born in the small community of Prud'homme in Saskatchewan, raised in Ottawa attending a convent school, she fought to get the education she required.
She went on to work as a youth organiser, journalist and politician--becoming a member of the small circle of French Canadian intellectuals who had an enormous influence on Canadian public life in the 1960s and '70s. She capped her career with a stormy session as the first woman speaker of the House of Commons--and then, after facing the threat of imminent death from serious illness, she became Canada's first woman Governor General.
Her Excellency Jeanne Sauvé is the reamarkable and inspirational story of the journalist, mother and politician who became Canada's Covernor General.

About the Author

Shirley Woods

SHIRLEY WOODS has had a varied career including time spent as a businessman and as a soldier in the Royal Canadian Regiment. The author of many non-fiction books, he lives in Nova Scotia with his wife Sandrea.


"All the elements of a rags-to-riches saga..."
Calgary Herald
"An inspirational story..."
Edmonton Journal
"Sympathetic and thorough..."
Kingston Whig-Standard

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