Her Own Woman

by Myrna Kostash, Valerie Miner, Erna Paris, Heather Robertson, and Melinda McCracken

In this book you'll meet ten fascinating Canadian women.

In this book you'll meet ten fascinating Canadian women.
Barbara Frum, today one of the most successful journalists in Canada, began her career when as a young mother she sold a piece to CBC Radio on how to amuse your kids.
Margaret Atwood's highly acclaimed writing career started with poems published in literary magazines when she was an undergraduate.
Runner Abby Hoffman first appeared in the sports pages when she was an all-star defenceman on a boys' hockey team.
These are revealing portraits of women from a wide range of backgrounds, working at everything from housework to painting and politics.

About the Authors

Myrna Kostash

MYRNA KOSTASH is a writer and journalist living in Edmonton. She has written plays, film scripts, and books, including the bestselling All of Babas Children. '(more)

Valerie Miner

VALERIE MINER is a professional writer living in California. She is the author of several novels, including Winters Edge and Murder in the English Department.'(more)

Erna Paris

ERNA PARIS lives in Toronto.

Heather Robertson

HEATHER ROBERTSON is one of Canadas most accomplished and acclaimed authors. Her many books include Reservations are for Indians Grass Roots A Terrible Beauty and Willie: A Romance. Born in Winnipeg she has long lived in Toronto.'

Melinda McCracken

MELINDA McCRACKEN is a Winnipeg journalist and author whose work has appeared in the Globe and Mail, Macleans, Chatelaine and other Canadian magazines.


"Energetic, positive women in charge of their own lives."
Hamilton Spectator

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